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Employee Spotlight: Meet Peter Woods

iON is delighted to shine the Employee Spotlight on Contract Specialist, Peter Woods.

Meet Peter Woods

Originally from Ottawa, Peter moved to Calgary in 1999 after completing his degree. During this time, he began his career in procurement as a buyer and progressed through various roles in supply chain and contract management.

Climbing and Lessons Learned

Although always active in sports from an early age, once Peter began climbing, everything else became secondary. In his twenties and thirties, he competed locally and nationally and continues to this day to devote time to the sport. Additionally, he supplies commentary to all Canadian national championship events as well as ESPN’s and IFSC coverage of other international events. He applies the lessons he’s learned from climbing and as a TV commentator to the high-stakes world of contract negotiations.

Climbing has helped me to be better at my job. As with climbing, contract management is largely about improving the final product and fixing what doesn’t work.  – Peter Woods

The Journey to iON

Peter honed his procurement, leadership and negotiation expertise working in a variety of supply chain roles over the last twenty years. His work on category management of services led to the strategic management of vendors with a focus on improving task performance on job sites.

More recently, Peter worked for Energy Efficiency Alberta, where he managed the contract requirements for all operational and project engagements. This role encompassed planning and management responsibilities which enabled him to further develop those skill sets.

While Peter has always liked engaging with several aspects of departmental workflows, reviewing and modifying contracts has always been a core responsibility of all his roles which he enjoys.

In early 2021, Peter joined iON as our Contract Management Specialist. In his role, he analyzes and negotiates all contractual obligations. He takes the time needed to assess and understand each customer’s terms and conditions, providing expert communication and negotiation. 

Things Peter Likes About iON

  • Collaborative Team – Sociable by nature, Peter enjoys collaborating with his iON colleagues to derive the best outcomes in a contract.
  • Work-from-Home Flexibility – Peter appreciates the flexibility that working at iON affords him. iON’s flexible work model allows him to carve out time to work on a contract from his hotel room when he is out of town working on a TV broadcast.
  • iON’s Balanced Approach – Peter appreciates iON’s balanced approach in ensuring customer needs are met with high quality and integrity towards best outcomes for all.

Beyond Work 

Outside of work, Peter continues to be very active in the Canadian climbing community. In addition to competing and providing TV commentary, he also provides coaching to recreational and competitive climbers of all skill levels.

France is his favorite destination for climbing. The sandstone geology makes for spectacular bouldering, and the nearby towns feature great cafes and restaurants for him and his wife to enjoy afterwards.

Perhaps the Zen state achieved through climbing is the key to the psychological equilibrium Peter maintains during contract negotiations. Whatever his secret formula is, iON is truly fortunate to have a pro like Peter managing our contract negotiations!