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Employee Spotlight: Meet Chris Timmons

iON is pleased to shine the Employee Spotlight on Assessment Services Team Lead, Chris Timmons.  

Meet Chris Timmons 

From an early age, Chris has been a high achiever. He excelled at his elementary school in Pilot Butte, SK. And when he moved to Ottawa as a teen, he used previously taken classes to fast-track through Grade 11 and 12, in only three months!  

After graduation, Chris joined the Canadian Armed Forces and progressed through the various QL stages of advancement to be sergeant qualified within eight years. However, with no available post at that level, and having already done advanced non-disruptive hacking for fun, he decided to make the transition into cybersecurity and complete the Security Management Program at Algonquin College.  

With his education and experience, he quickly landed a job at itemus as an IT Security Analyst, where he fine-tuned his penetration testing skills. Chris then joined Computar Services and as their Network Service Manager, he helped incorporate sound cybersecurity practices into the day-to-day operations and development chain for the telecom billing services company. 

In 2007, Chris made the move to Edmonton after being headhunted by ATB Financial. After a couple of years, he happily relocated to Calgary for a promotion and to be in the same city as his girlfriend. In March 2012, Chris was featured on the cover of CIO Canada where he shared his thoughts on embracing BYOD while mitigating risk. Ensuring the company followed industry cybersecurity best practices and processes was key to his role as Director of Information Security at ATB and it was during this time that he also first got to know the iON team. 

After years of working for large organizations, in 2018 Chris was ready for a change. iON’s flat org structure and relaxed work culture was appealing, and Chris was excited to do the type of hands-on-keyboard work that iON lined up for him. He also liked the idea of taking his accumulated cybersecurity knowledge and applying it to help several organizations, as opposed to just his employer. 

Things Chris Likes About iON 

  • iON’s Reputation Having worked with the team in previous roles, Chris saw that iON was trusted by customers and had a friendly, engaging team that operated ethically. That strong reputation was one of the key reasons Chris joined iON. 
  • Being Empowered Chris likes how iON empowers him to act. For instance, if he knows the solution for a customer, he contacts them directly and quickly resolves their issue. This autonomy comes with a higher level of personal accountability that Chris also appreciates. He finds that this sense of accountability is shared by his colleagues, and it makes for a positive work environment. 
  • Collective Teamwork The Japanese keiretsu concept of establishing stable, long-term partnerships and working collectively better is something that Chris values, and he finds that iON’s approach is closely aligned to it. Over the years, he’s noticed that everybody at iON is committed to working together in order to deliver value to customers. 

Beyond Work 

When not working, Chris loves spending time with his wife, Sandra, and their daughter and son, aged 12½ and 11. The whole family enjoys weekend getaways, and the mountain town of Canmore is their go-to destination.  

Chris also really enjoys cooking and preparing a wide range of dishes. He cooks a great steak on the grill, but he’ll also prepare a delectable pastry with equal enthusiasm. Beyond cooking, Chris likes to work with his hands in general, and he maintains a computer workshop in his basement that serves as his security lab and tech sandbox.  

As you can see, we at iON are very fortunate to have Chris as part of our team!